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Within PiXL there is a growing network of schools who are interested in sharing the PiXL principles and methods with link schools abroad. 

Schools in Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda have joined our PiXL international project and are enthusiastic about tapping into those PiXL practices which work best for them.


How it works

PiXL International is involved in:

  • Developing and supporting partnerships between schools in order to maximise standards of attainment.
  • Creating a link with a school abroad and sharing PiXL strategies.
  • Advising on possible pitfalls and solutions for working with schools abroad especially in remote locations.
  • Offering opportunities for international collaborative development with the British Council “Connecting Classrooms”.
  • Sharing educational resources abroad.
  • International Teacher – Teacher partnerships.
  • International curriculum development and pedagogy.

Note:  No fees are payable by schools in the International network.

For more information about PiXL please speak to Barbara:

e:  t: 07717 724231