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The KS223 PIXL pro-formas are PIXL's way of tracking both progress and attainment at KS3.

There are 15 pro-formas for a variety of subjects and each breaks down the essential skills and content required to be successful at GCSE. Each skill is given a difficulty rating of step 1(easiest) to step 9 (the hardest).

These steps are linked to the new GCSE grading system (as best we are able at this stage) and so can be used, alongside other evidence, to see where a student's target may be and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. 


Each skill comes with a test and a teacher answer sheet so that the skills can be tested, taught and re-tested. The KS223 pro-formas are a KS3 version of the Diagnosis, Therapy, Testing model at KS4 and can be adapted to best fit your own context. 

To help you think about how you may implement this in your own school, there are FAQ sheets and a user guide. Doddle (Boardworks) have launched a commercial package using the PiXL Proformas. For more details on this product, you should contact Doddle directly.

Any queries for the PiXL Proformas can be sent to