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Following the same guiding principles as PiXL Main, applied specifically to sixth form provision, PiXL 6 focuses on; 

•   forensic use of data
•   level 5 leadership
•   first-class, innovative strategies to support students

Colleagues have talked of inspirational speakers at conferences, focused materials available through our dedicated PiXL 6 resource area and excellent visits from our team of expert associates.  Relentless national change in curriculum and assessment provides a challenge for all sixth form leaders, but the PiXL 6 network enables our schools and colleges to share the best practice from across the country.

All the membership elements are designed to help Sixth Form providers realise their institutional goals.  We have been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of all issues associated with running outstanding post-16 provision and we welcome the opportunity to work with further schools and their staff and students - and in turn, to strengthen the PiXL 6 network.



PiXL 6 holds six main meetings a year in Central London.  

Associate Support

Each partner school has an attached associate who visits their school five times a year following main meetings to help implement the theory in each unique setting.  These associates are experienced and successful in the application of PiXL principles.  They are neither inspectors, not critical friends: they are partners with the school in raising achievement.


A variety of conferences for both staff and students are organised each term.

Online Resources

PiXL 6 is supported by resources on our workspace in Huddle.  This includes;

•   personalised learning checklists for a variety of subjects
•   practice exam papers
•   data tracking tools
•   student conference materials

PiXL Edge 

We have also developed a validated package of resources to empower and support the development of life attributes; namely leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.  This will allow hundreds of our schools to plan for the growth of the individual student in a systematic way, with a validated outcome.

Unique Oxbridge Programme

Offering help with all aspects of preparation for higher education.  


Membership Fees


PiXL 6 (Sixth Form) £3000
+ VAT per annum
PiXL 6 (in addition to PiXL Main membership) £3000
+ VAT per annum

PiXL 6 is an additional membership for schools with a 6th Form.  A discount of £500 will be applied to the invoice if you are applying for both memberships.  Schools with 6th Forms who wish to be a PiXL 6 member must also be a standard PiXL member. 

Membership fees cover the academic year from date of joining to 31st August.  Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.

For more information about PiXL6 please speak to Laura:

e:  t: 07778 701350