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Relentless national change in curriculum and assessment provides a challenge for all sixth form leaders, but the PiXL 6 network enables our schools and colleges to share best practice in order to be able to adapt and respond, whist still enabling each provider to stay on course in reaching their own institutional goals. 

We will continue to be at the forefront of all issues associated with running outstanding post-16 provision and we welcome the opportunity to work with new schools and their staff and students and, in turn, to strengthen the PiXL 6 network.

“PiXL 6 meetings have served as a catalyst for change.  We have been able to focus sharply and provide specific, targeted, academic mentoring; support for A* - B outcomes, and interventions to prevent students from missing a D grade.  Our Raising Standards Think Tank for post-16 teachers works to improve outcomes.  We have more to do, but our work with PiXL 6 has definitely clarified and improved our thinking.” 

Jane Coley, Headteacher, Brakenhale School 





PiXL 6 holds six main meetings a year in Central London and each partner school has an attached associate who visits their school five times a year following main meetings.  These associates are experienced and successful in the application of PiXL principles.  They are neither inspectors, nor critical friends - they are partners with the school in raising achievement.

A variety of conferences for both staff and students are organised each term and PiXL 6 is supported by resources on our workspace in Huddle, including:

•   personalised learning checklists for a variety of subjects
•   practice exam papers
•   data tracking tools
•   student conference materials


PiXL Edge is a package of resources which empowers and supports the development of life attributes; namely leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.  

We also offer a Unique Oxbridge Programme to help with all aspects of preparation for higher education.  


Membership Fees


PiXL 6 - Sixth Form Colleges

£3200+VAT for sixth forms

+ VAT per annum

PiXL 6 (schools with a sixth form) Fees are in addition to PiXL Main membership.

+ VAT per annum

PiXL 6 is an additional membership for schools with a 6th Form.  A discount of £500 will be applied to the invoice if you are applying for both memberships.  Schools with 6th Forms who wish to be a PiXL 6 member must also be a standard PiXL member. 

Membership fees cover the academic year from date of joining to 31st August.  Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.

For more information about PiXL6 please speak to Laura:

e:  t: 07778 701350