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PiXL Principles

“International, yet utterly local and personal, PiXL for me stands for an approach that is all too often missing in our educational landscape.  PiXL is not political, nor profit making, not driven by sound bites or imprecise, misunderstood schemes.  It is driven by a deep moral purpose.

Our role in the future is crucial.

With the force of first class people in collaboration, we can develop the leadership and resources that will help our schools meet the challenges yet to emerge, whatever they may be.  As we grapple with Ebacs, new course structures, new league tables, new equivalences, more data, less funding, some might say a new world is already upon us.  I say we are leading the way, we are driven by moral purpose, we are keen to listen and we are determined to develop and to share.”  

Will Smith, Deputy Chair, PiXL



PiXL Why


PiXL aims to support the promotion of excellence for students. It is determined to do all it can to improve life chances for young people through improved educational achievement and enhanced self-esteem in order to connect them to worthy progression routes in the next stage of their education.

PiXL provides high quality leadership.

PiXL is clear that its emphasis must be on Key Stage 2, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 outcomes and introduces and shares strategies and principles, the majority of which have been successfully applied in many schools for five years or more. It will retain a Main Meeting in Central London, where key ideas are introduced, reinforced and disseminated.

PiXL believes that Associates, linking school partners with leaders from successful PiXL schools, have a significant impact on outcomes.

PiXL is a partnership network where celebration, positive attitudes and sharing are consistently evident and promoted. Experienced and inexperienced schools’ sharing together will continue to have profound impact.

PiXL operates best where relationships are strong, supportive, encouraging and open. We have a ‘family feel’ which members cherish.

PiXL draws on experienced, energised and highly-skilled subject associates in Maths, English, Science - and now all other Ebac subjects - to offer high-quality support to schools both with ideas and the production of high-quality resources and training.

PiXL believes that reward and celebration are vital ingredients in the success of any organisation and these are central features in its operation.

PiXL will not sacrifice quality and personalisation for expansion and growth.

PiXL will continue to offer extraordinary value for money.

The leadership principles we aspire to and instill include:

  • Clear, unshakeable and  strong moral purpose
  • Fanatical discipline about seeing things through
  • A productive paranoia about ensuring the successful work of our schools
  • Empirical creativity to identify and solve challenges
  • Consistency of approach, shared by all members of our organisation
  • Drive and determination
  • A belief in people
  • The ability to see short-term actions through the lens of longer-term goals
  • A predisposition to immediate action, letting nothing slip
  • The courage and conviction to take difficult decisions and necessary risk


“PiXL has been a source of inspiration at senior team level, a creative opportunity for middle leaders and a provider of practical resources for use across the school.

Being part of PiXL has helped us to develop a tried and tested toolkit of ideas which we can apply with confidence across key areas of the school.

Our results have increased significantly, but most importantly our students are achieving huge success – which is opening doors of opportunity for their futures.”

Esther Holland, Central Foundation Girls’ School, Tower Hamlets