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Being a member of the PiXL family includes access to a wide range of resources to help support your school. 

"Being part of PiXL has helped us to develop a tried and tested toolkit of ideas which we can apply with confidence across key areas of the school."  

Esther Holland, Central Foundation Girls’ School, Tower Hamlets 

Online Resources: We offer access to the PiXL website and Huddle, our cloud-based platform, which contains a bank of resources supporting English, Maths, Science and almost all subjects and aims to support teachers in addressing issues of student achievement at all levels and stages. The resources include:

  • Personalised Learning Checklists; enabling schools to identify insecure and secure knowledge for individual students.
  • Walking Talking Mocks; improving student confidence and performance under exam conditions.
  • Smith Pro Forma; to aid action-planning for (and with) individual students.
  • Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing (DTT); the core PiXL principle underpinning our approach to improving student outcomes.
  • Covian War Board / Room; recognising the value-added achievement of students and incentivising progression.
  • PiXL Measures – PiXL ME, PiXL AT and PiXL Pro; the measures by which PiXL supports schools in improving attainment within the new performance indicators.
  • Interactive PLCs; enabling staff to identify student insecurities and to apply the process of diagnosis, therapy and testing through targeted assessment.
  • Pre Public Exams; examination papers written by our subject experts, including worked solutions and mark schemes.
  • PPE+ (Maths only); enabling individual student PPE marks to be automatically populated into a Smith Pro Forma so that student insecurities are accurately identified.
  • Maths App (PMA) and English App (PEA); student-focused diagnostic apps.
  • Progress 8 Tracker; PiXL spreadsheet enabling progress tracking for individuals, groups and cohorts.
  • Fine Grading; support with implementing this throughout the school.
  • KSS23 Life after levels; new approach in tracking student progress at KS3, where there is now no requirement to use sub-levels.
  • My PLC; software to support student-centred personalised learning checklists designed specifically for PiXL 6 schools.
  • PRT6; PiXL 6 Personal Revision Tool for Maths.