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PiXL Partners 2021-22

We work with a trusted, select group of partners who offer resources and support to further school improvement, and all of these organisations offer discounts, or zero cost offers, to PiXL members.

Our commercial partners seek to help schools and to make a difference. The financial donation they make is given to PiXL International, a charity which works across the world in Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda.

To find out more about PiXL International, visit their website here:

For more information on each of our partners, please click on the logo to be directed to their website:




In addition to our commercial partners, our Community Partners are organisations which offer services and quality resources for free to improve young people’s opportunities for development — from first-rate careers guidance and employability skills development to work experience opportunities and inspirational school talks from influential experts. The resources are funded either by charitable donations, grants or employer contributions. 

For more information on each of our Community Partners, please click on their name to access their website:

1. Careermap

2. Speakers for Schools

3. BeReady

4. Imagen Insights

5. The Careers and Enterprise Company

6. Youth Employment UK

7. Worldskills UK

8. Springpod

9. Amazing Apprenticeships

10. Education and Employers

11. SLQ