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PiXL Unlock

Vocabulary is a vast topic and the PiXL Unlock package seeks to unlock academic language, whilst dove-tailing with several other strategies, such as PiXL Futures and Them and Us, to develop students’ language for the world beyond our doors.

Academic language

The PiXL Unlock process seeks to aid students’ academic achievement by taking them on a journey through each word they encounter to teach, consolidate and continuously develop their vocabulary knowledge and range. Our new Key-Stage-specific word list booklets identify subject-specific vocabulary, with our Unlock app and subject mats taking students through the Unlock process. The Building Blocks section of the app, which will continue to grow, seeks to develop knowledge of the basics and key components of our language, whilst exposing them to a range of Tier 2 vocabulary. 

Language for life

In addition to the academic side of language, Unlock also provides an opportunity to explore wider topics, such as emotions, behaviours and actions through our Turn Up and Tune in resources. This helps students to dig deeper into vocabulary, developing their knowledge and understanding. The Unlock app will also explore ‘Words for…’ finance, work, study, life and character to further explore the language used in life. 

PiXL Unlock also seeks to engage students' interest in the language of the world around them, whilst building upon nuggets of cultural capital, through our ‘Do you know...?’ idiom resource package, exploring the meaning of a range of idioms, their origins and raising key considerations and issues linked to these. 

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