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A Mind to be Kind

Feedback Survey

Thank you for trialling the initial materials from the ‘A Mind to be Kind’ programme. To help us develop it further, please complete this brief feedback survey, ticking one box for each question and including any observations and suggestions that you think might be helpful.


1. What was your initial overall response to the programme and the rationale behind it?
2. Did the INSET and assembly resources enable you to launch the programme effectively?
3. Judging by the results of your before-and-after survey, was there a noticeable impact across the school?


4. Did the children respond well to the assemblies?
5. Did you feel that the teaching materials were user-friendly and appropriately pitched?
6. Did the children appear to enjoy the lessons?
7. Did the children respond positively to the ‘Try This’ tasks?
8. Were the ‘Call Out’ display resources useful?

Thank you for your help.