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Exceptional Headteacher Programme York 2018 Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is very important to us.

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Day 1, York: Sir John Rowling - Exceptional PiXL Headship:
Day 1, York: Sir Peter Vardy - My lessons from Leadership:
Day 1, York: Clare Griffiths - Beat your PB:
Day 1, York: Christine Hardman - Be at your PB: Exceptional PiXL Headship in practice:
Day 1, York: Steve Radcliffe - FED: Leadership, plain and simple:
Day 2, York: James Heale - The Leadership of Character:
Day 2, York: Alaistar Burnett - Sorting out behaviour:
Day 2, York: Jeremy Rowe - Sorting out behaviour: A Headteacher's guide:
Day 2, York: Bob Elsey - The Secondary Headteacher as MAT CEO:
Day 2, York: Colette Firth - Invitational leadership:
Day 2, York: Sarah Morgan - The early years of Headship:
Day 2, York: John Cornally - Sustaining long term change:
Day 2, York: Jeff Dawkins - The late years of Headship:*

Thank you for your time, we appreciate your feedback and are looking forward to seeing you on 25th and 26th January in Oxford.