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PiXL1 Survey

The purpose of this survey is to identify the level of Interest there may be from current Partner schools to enable us to plan for 2018-19.

Your feedback to us is very much appreciated and does not commit you to what you eventually decide regarding your registration with PiXL Primary. On the assumption that you are considering registering with PiXL Primary for 2018-19 are you likely to:

1. Use the PiXL 1 Resources (Included in the Primary Registration Fee)

2. Purchase one of the following:

a. Enhancement 1 (3 Conferences)
b. Enhancement 2 (3 Associates Visits)
c. Enhancement 3 ( 3 Conferences and 3 Associate Visits)

3. Would you prefer to ‘Pay as you go’

a. Associate Visits only (£300 per visit)
b. Conferences Only (£150 per delegate)

Thank you for your feedback.

Please return by Monday 22 January 2018.