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Culture - Them and Us

PiXL has 3Cs - Currency, Character and Culture and it is Culture that is at the centre of our new strategy. Them and Us is an exciting new project focusing on changing the culture of our communities. It is about helping young people understand the importance of demonstrating kindness, showing respect and living without harm not just to those people who are like them but to people who are not like them: How we relate to people who don’t think the same way as us, or believe the same things, is a crucial skill that needs to be taught.

Through the Them and Us package, schools can identify any areas that they want to work on and then can select the most appropriate lessons, assemblies and extended reading material to deliver to students. Schools choose how they want to deliver the material - through drop down days, in assemblies or through tutor time. We hope that the impact will be great, that students will want to engage in acts of kindness and will see the difference they can make to their school communities and their local area. 1000 schools have already signed up to trying, together, to change our world. We hope you might join us.

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  • Loved my first PiXL meeting today! So many inspiring leaders to learn from and take back ideas in my leadership capacity. #courageous and #deliberate #leadership. Now let’s go and change the world..... #ThemAndUs

  • Absolutely packed house @pixlclub - school excellence in the widest sense not just in attainment but programmes to nurture students' character-building & launching today their social-culture project "Them and Us" #bridginthegap