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Welcome to the PiXL club

We are a partnership of over 1500 schools working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances.
PiXL is the largest partnership network of schools in England and Wales.

"PiXL has been a source of inspiration at senior team level, a creative opportunity for middle leaders and a provider of practical resources for use across the school. Our results have increased significantly, but most importantly our students are achieving huge success - which is opening doors of opportunity for their futures."
Esther Holland, Central Foundation Girls' School, Tower Hamlets.

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PiXL Main

Raise student aspiration and attainment at GCSE.
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Inspire young people to achieve excellence in their lives through improved A level results and tertiary opportunities.
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Prepare young students for the next stage of their education and improve attainment at Key Stage 2.
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Provide students in pupil referral units, special and hospital schools with greater opportunities to experience success.
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Develop and support global partnerships between schools to maximise standards of attainment.
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Tried and tested resources to help you improve outcomes for your students.
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Develop a programme to broaden and accredit attributes and skills that are essential for employability and life.
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For more information about PiXL please speak to Sian:
e:  t: 07799 892120

For more information about PiXL Primary please contact Lara:
e:  t: 07810 202939