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Being a member of the PiXL family includes access to a wide range of resources to help support your school. These range from regular conferences and meetings, support from a local PiXL associate, online resources and much more.

Interested schools are invited to attend a main meeting as a guest to gain better insight into how the organisation works and how becoming a member could benefit your school. 

Alternatively, a meeting at your school with a member of our team can be arranged.

Main Meetings: PiXL members meet once every half term. The main KS4 meeting at the Central Hall, Westminster now attracts over 1700 delegates.  Each meeting is half a day in length and provides an opportunity to join other school leaders in a lively, exciting, enthusiastic and informative network.  Each programme has its own version of the Main Meetings whereby leaders from the settings gather to share best practice and collaborate to bring solutions to common challenges.

Associate Support: Each partner school has an attached associate who visits their school five times a year - following main meetings - to help implement the theory in their unique setting.  These associates are experienced and successful in the application of PiXL principles.  They are neither inspectors, nor critical friends - they are partners with the school in raising achievement.

Conferences (Subject Leaders): Conferences are held twice a year for many subject leaders (Maths, English and Science).  They attract around 1000 delegates and are powerful, productive and supportive events for schools and teachers.

PiXL Edge: We have also developed a validated package of resources to empower and support the development of life attributes; leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication (LORIC).  This will allow hundreds of our schools to plan for the growth of the individual student in a systematic way, with a validated outcome.  (For PiXL Main and PiXL 6 members, this is a discretionary additional service provided for a one-off fee).

Middle Leadership Training Programme: PiXL runs a Middle Leadership training programme in which participants learn about the use of data to predict outcomes, analysis to identify under-performance and the development of appropriate interventions.

Celebration Events: PiXL recognises and rewards success – we invite our members to celebrate young people’s achievements at dedicated conferences and celebration events.

Online Resources: We offer access to the PiXL website and Huddle, our cloud-based platform, which contains a bank of resources supporting English, Maths, Science and almost all subjects and aims to support teachers in addressing issues of student achievement at all levels and stages. The resources include:

  • Personalised Learning Checklists; enabling schools to identify insecure and secure knowledge for individual students.
  • Walking Talking Mocks; improving student confidence and performance under exam conditions.
  • Smith Pro Forma; to aid action-planning for (and with) individual students.
  • Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing (DTT); the core PiXL principle underpinning our approach to improving student outcomes.
  • Covian War Board / Room; recognising the value-added achievement of students and incentivising progression.
  • PiXL Measures – PiXL ME, PiXL AT and PiXL Pro; the measures by which PiXL supports schools in improving attainment within the new performance indicators.
  • Interactive PLCs; enabling staff to identify student insecurities and to apply the process of diagnosis, therapy and testing through targeted assessment.
  • Pre Public Exams; examination papers written by our subject experts, including worked solutions and mark schemes.
  • PPE+ (Maths only); enabling individual student PPE marks to be automatically populated into a Smith Pro Forma so that student insecurities are accurately identified.
  • Maths App (PMA) and English App (PEA); student-focused diagnostic apps.
  • Progress 8 Tracker; PiXL spreadsheet enabling progress tracking for individuals, groups and cohorts.
  • Fine Grading; support with implementing this throughout the school.
  • KSS23 Life after levels; new approach in tracking student progress at KS3, where there is now no requirement to use sub-levels.
  • My PLC; software to support student-centred personalised learning checklists designed specifically for PiXL 6 schools.
  • PRT6; PiXL 6 Personal Revision Tool for Maths.

Membership Fees


PiXL Main (KS4) £3200
+ VAT per annum
PiXL Main + 6
For schools with 6th forms who wish to be a PiXL6 member
+ VAT per annum
PiXL 6
Sixth form colleges (less than 1000 students)
£4150+VAT if more than 1000 students
+ VAT per annum
PiXL Primary (KS2)
£1800 for small schools
+ VAT per annum
Click here for details on funding structure
+ VAT per annum
Includes an allowance
PiXL EDGE Apprentice and Graduate £500+VAT 
+ annual admin fee    
PiXL EDGE Master £500+VAT
+ annual admin fee
PiXL EDGE Apprentice, Graduate and Masters £800+VAT 
+ annual admin fee


PiXL Edge membership is a one-off fee plus an annual administration fee which for 2015/16 is £100+VAT. 

PiXL 6 is an additional membership for schools with a 6th Form.  A discount of £500 will be applied to the invoice if you are applying for both memberships. 

Schools with 6th Forms who wish to be a PiXL 6 member must also be a standard PiXL member. 

Membership fees cover the academic year from date of joining to 31st August (31st May for Primary). 

Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.

For more information about PiXL please speak to Sian:

e:  t: 07799 892120