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About Us


PiXL (Partners in Excellence) emerged from the London Challenge in 2007 to further develop and widen the learning and success achieved in the capital's school improvement programme.

The network has evolved from 50 schools at its inception to current membership of around 1500 secondary schools, 75 PRUs, 550 post-16 providers and 200 primary schools – all of whom share a desire to raise standards and inspire young people to achieve excellence in their lives. 

What we do

Our focus is raising standards across Key Stage 2, GCSEs and A levels and to raise self-esteem, improve life chances and broaden progression routes for all our students. 

The programmes we offer are:

  • PiXL Main                      Secondary schools and GCSEs
  • PiXL 6                              Post-16 providers and A levels
  • PiXL Primary               Primary schools and Key Stage 2
  • PiXLTRIP                       Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units  and Hospital Schools
  • PiXL International    International network       
  • PiXL Edge                      Key attributes and life skills

Core elements of each of our programmes:

Partnership network

We understand that by working together we are stronger.  That’s why we regularly bring school leaders together to share ideas and innovations and spread strategies for success.  Our meetings infuse and inspire and are a catalyst for change in our schools.  Relationships between school leaders are strong, supportive, encouraging and open.  We have a collaborative family feel which members cherish.  Together we celebrate success and can face new challenges whatever they may be. 

Resources and data

The work we undertake with partners and with associates focuses on strategic and forensic use of data, and the application of pedagogical principles dealing with diagnosis of need and appropriate intervention or therapy and testing (DTT).  We support this work with a comprehensive range of resources.


PiXL associates are leaders in successful schools and they offer on-going support to PiXL members.  We promote our leadership principles through our network of associates and at our meetings.


This collective effort has resulted in improved outcomes for schools in the partnership, and their students.  Average performance of PiXL schools at key stages has comfortably exceeded the national averages. When national percentages of students obtaining five good grades (including English and Maths) at KS4 were in decline, PiXL schools bucked the trend and recorded significant increases in their percentages. Of the most improved schools in 2014, the top five were all PiXL member-schools, as were 16 of the top 30.

We are delighted to have supported their success.

Who We Are

PiXL is a not-for-profit organisation.  Oversight of the organisation is by a board and operational function is carried out by regional leaders, all of whom have senior experience in schools, have worked for PiXL for many years and have successfully applied PiXL principles in their own schools.  Some are currently National Leaders of Education, some are consultants – all are committed colleagues.