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We provide a collaboration of school leaders with access to vibrant, purposeful conferences and networks of people complemented by online resources, training opportunities and development programmes.

Who We Are

 The PiXL Club, Partners in Excellence, works with over 1000 secondary schools, 400 Sixth Forms, 40 PRUs and 170 Primary Schools. Our focus is on raising standards at GCSE, A level and Key Stage 2. The PiXL Club aims to support the promotion of excellence for pupils. It is determined to do all it can to improve life chances for young people through improved educational achievement and enhanced self-esteem in order to connect them to worthy progression routes in the next stage of their education.

We believe in offering young people the very best chances in life, opened up to them through good qualifications.

We remain focused on raising attainment in all our partner schools and last year was a significant one. Results nationally went down by 0.4% with five good grades including English and Maths, but our schools registered an average rise of 4.6%. We are delighted to be part of their success.

We have a single focus and well-established principles. You won’t find advertisements for PiXL: our members promote the club through their enthusiasm. If you would like to find out more, please click on the contact us and we will be in touch within 48hours.

At the heart of PiXL there remains the moral imperative to do the best we can for all students whatever their ability.
We are extremely pleased with our results this year. A huge thank you to PiXL. Our 5 A-C including E&M figure has improved by 16%. English GCSE results are up by 15% and our Maths results have increased by 19%. A huge thank you to PiXL

Didcot Girls School, Oxfordshire

Would just like to thank PiXL for all their support which has proved invaluable in helping us to achieve much improved results (5ACEM up 11% from last year). We look forward to our continued working with you!

Manchester Enterprise Academy

PiXL 6

Raising every student’s aspirations and
supporting them to achieve their goals.

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PiXL Primary

Every student progressing to the next stage of
learning and developing the skills for life-long learning.

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PRUs & Special Schools

T R I P - Tough Realities Improving Performance. Members of PiXL TRIP are pupil referral units who are committed to the principle that all our students, regardless of ability and their very difficult circumstances should have the opportunity to experience success and achieve useful qualifications.

TRIP members meet twice termly to share good practice and to receive qualification and curriculum updates. When Associates visit the PRUs each half term, the focus is on strategies, support and networking. Sharp analysis of data allows PRU leaders to monitor and support the progress of all students, in order to raise their aspirations, attendance and attainment.

Student success is celebrated – in 2012 the PiXL TRIP Celebration event took place at Abbey Road Studios and in 2013 at Fulham Football Club.


PiXL International

Raising every student’s aspirations and
supporting them to achieve their goals.


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 PiXL has a growing network of schools who are interested in sharing the PiXL principles and methods with link schools abroad.  Schools in Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda have joined our PIXL international project and are enthusiastic about tapping into the PiXL practices which work best for them.

PiXL International is involved in:

  • Creating a link with a school abroad and sharing PiXL strategies for raising attainments
  • Advising on possible  pitfalls and solutions for working with schools abroad - especially in remote locations
  • Offering opportunities for international collaborative development with the British Council ‘Connecting Classrooms’
  • Sharing educational resources abroad
  • International Teacher – Teacher partnerships
  • International curriculum development and pedagogy.

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PiXL Edge

The PiXL Edge is a framework for schools to develop and accredit
in students those personal attributes essential for employability and life.


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Partnering with schools to achieve excellence

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