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We provide school leaders from over 1300 schools with access to vibrant, purposeful conferences and networks of people complemented by online resources, training opportunities and development programmes.

Our focus is raising standards across GCSE, A Level and Key Stage 2.


Who are we?

The PiXL Club is a collaboration of school leaders, headed by Sir John Rowling, this is a club that some have said to be "the best thing they have seen in education".

The PiXL Club is about sharing new ideas with school leaders; it is a partnership of focused, determined and dedicated professional practitioners. It is a not for profit organisation that focuses on supporting and developing GCSE and A Level results and Key Stage 2 of thousands of students in many schools
across London, the South East, West and the North.

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Once you are a member you will have access to all the resources we offer, you will be invited to all of our meetings and conferences and will have the chance to utilise our expertly run training opportunities.

"The ideas generated by PiXL members are fantastic. They sharpen our focus and help us get the best from our students. The open and generous approach amongst PiXL Schools is an inspiration" (Barbara Rhymaun, Headteacher, Darrick Wood School and Julie Shepard, Headteacher, Beechwood School)

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Our website has plenty of information about what the club does and how you can become a member. Once signed up it will become your portal to a wealth of information and resources:

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Driving Success

We believe in offering young people the very best chances in life, opened up to them through good qualifications. 

We support schools to maximise the achievement of all students at GCSE. Many of our schools achieve 95%+ at 5 C+ GCSEs because they are committed to achievement for the bottom 20% and recognise that success breeds success.  Many young people are motivated to succeed in other GCSE subjects, including English and Maths, as a
result of their achievement.

We remain focused on raising attainment in all our partner schools and last year was a significant one. Results nationally went down by 0.4% with five good grades including English and Maths, but our schools registered an average rise of 4.6%. We are delighted to be part of their success.

"The PiXl Club has helped us achieve results beyond our wildest dreams"

Partnering with schools to achieve excellence

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