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PiXL Main

We provide a collaboration of school leaders with access to vibrant, purposeful conferences and networks of people complemented by online resources, training opportunities and development programmes to support the promotion of excellence for pupils. 

We are determined to do all we can to help improve life chances for young people through improved educational achievement and enhanced self-esteem in order to connect them to worthy progression routes in the next stage of their education.

PiXL members meet once every half term at our main conferences which provide an opportunity to join other school leaders in a lively, exciting, enthusiastic and informative network.

Each PiXL member has an attached associate who visits their school five times a year - following main meetings - to help implement the theory in their unique setting, together with supporting resources.  These associates are experienced and successful in the application of PiXL principles.  They are neither inspectors, nor critical friends - they are partners with the school in raising achievement.

In addition to the main conferences, subject leader conferences are held twice a year for Maths, English and Science.  They attract 1000 delegates and are powerful, productive and supportive events for schools and teachers.

We also run a Middle Leadership training programme in which participants learn about use of data to predict outcomes, analysis to identify under-performance and the development of appropriate interventions.

PiXL recognises and rewards success – we invite our members to celebrate young people’s achievements at dedicated conferences and celebration events.




Membership Fees


PiXL Main (KS4) £3000
+ VAT per annum

Membership fees cover the academic year from date of joining to 31st August.

Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.

For more information about PiXL please speak to Sian:

e:  t: 07799 892120