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PiXL Cymru | Wales

PiXL Wales Introduction

Across England, PiXL has been instrumental in contributing to the successes and improvements of many schools for many years. More recently, membership in Wales has grown and schools part of PiXL Wales have thrived. At present, PiXL Wales represents around half of the English medium secondary sector in Wales. While, we have a small number of Welsh medium schools that have recently joined.

Our primary aim is to support school leaders in Wales face the significant change to the education system. A new single regulating examination body, with new reformed qualifications that are ‘Wales only’ are rapidly being introduced across GCSE and AS/A2. Working in partnership with other schools, PiXL Wales seeks to provide high quality support to help secure excellence for all of our young people. 

What we do and who do we work with?

Here at PiXL Wales, we work with school leaders, and subject specialists in English and mathematics to help raise standards at key stage 4. In 2016, provision performance of PiXL Wales schools indicate an average improvement of over 5% against level 2 threshold including English and mathematics. Over the past two years, the average rate of improvement is 9% and performance of schools is above the national average against all threshold measures.

Each PiXL Wales school is assigned an associate who will work with you to help introduce, evidence-based strategies, that will support school improvement. These practitioners, many of whom are serving or recently retired heads themselves, are familiar with PiXL strategies and will help schools to introduce them seamlessly. The role of the associate is different to a regional consortia Challenge Advisor. The PiXL Associate role is to provide 100% support in meeting the challenges of school improvement. They meet with schools at five points throughout the year to identify priorities to help the school achieve its targets/ambitions.

While education in Wales is increasingly divergent from England, leadership and effective school improvement strategies remain the same, regardless of education system. Therefore, membership to PiXL Wales entitles schools to access all materials in PiXL Main, as well as bespoke programmes to support the Welsh context. We host five main meetings in Cardiff’s City Hall throughout the academic year.

The benefits

Nationally, PiXL has played a significant role in improving life-chances for students across the country. In Wales, PiXL has supported school improvement in a number of schools. However, PiXL membership in itself does not guarantee improvement. We have seen that the schools who join PiXL and fully embrace the principles, attend meetings and utilise the resources show improvements. Over the last year, the average rate of improvement for all PiXL Wales schools is 5%. However, in a number of schools there have been improvements recorded of up to 20%.

By joining PiXL, schools will have access to a wealth of materials on Huddle, particularly for English and mathematics to help prepare students for the challenges of key stage 4. As membership continues to grow, we are building teams of experts in Wales (and beyond) who will work on behalf of schools to create materials and share information to make the role of school improvement easier and enable teachers to use their time effectively so that all students achieve their full potential.

PiXL Wales Main Meetings 2016/17:

The following meetings will take place at Cardiff City Hall, Gorsedd Gardens Rd, Cardiff CF10 3ND

18 November, 25 January, 23 March, 20 June

We would be delighted to welcome you to these meetings. If you have any questions please contact Abi on

Marc Belli – Director, PiXL Wales

Gerry McNamara - Regional Leader

Sue Bowen Nash – Area Leader

Abi Turner – PiXL Operations

For more information please contact Abi

e:  t: 07717 723598