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PiXL Alternative

PiXL Alternative (formally known as TRIP - Tough Realities Improvement Programme) supports special schools, pupil referral units and hospital schools. Together, we share best practice to raise standards and to give students a better future and brighter hope. 

PiXL Alternative access can cover PiXL Primary, Secondary or PiXL Post 16 depending on your needs. 

2021-22 Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscription covers the academic year from the date of joining to the 31st August 2022. 


PiXL Alternative membership includes:

  • 5 National Conferences (currently digital) throughout the year, each with focused CPD sessions on particular topics.  Access to additional digital events, live or on-demand, throughout the year
  • Access to PiXL Edge, a programme to empower students and accredit their attributes and life skills 
  • Precise pastoral interventions, including attendance and behaviour management
  • Arithmetic, spelling and GPS resources

  • Bespoke support during the year, including allocation of your own associate who will have several meetings with you throughout the year
  • PiXL TRIP meetings offer an outstanding opportunity to network with similar schools and share effective resources and approaches, that help improve the education and outcomes of all our students.

    David Ducane, Deputy Headteacher, Enterprise Learning Alliance, Kent
  • The opportunities that TRIP has provided us in terms of networking have been invaluable. We especially appreciate PiXL’s support with tracking and promoting pupil progress.

    Marie Sherlock, Assistant Headteacher, Chelsea Community Hospital School
  • Having taken on my first Alternative Provision Headship I am delighted to be able to utilise PiXL TRIP which has opened up a terrific collective of expertise from pupil referral units, special and hospital schools across the country. I was equally thrilled to discover PiXL Edge and the characteristics of LORIC which closely mirrored the new Active Citizenship and Enterprise specialism I was looking to implement based on the CBI Framework for Employability Skills. Having Gurinder from PiXL come to the College to offer CPD and guidance was incredibly useful given the sheer volume of resources available and valued by my new SLT.

    Martin Nirsimloo, Principal of City Gateway College
  • PiXL TRIP keeps us in the loop. It is about peer support, quality education, intelligence and building capacity in PRUs and Special Schools by creating networks of support. The training it provides is of high quality and very contemporary - right up to date and ahead of most in the sector.

    Emma Bradshaw, Headteacher, The Limes College
  • Sending students on the High Five conference really helped both teachers and students alike. It was good for students to see that they were in the same position as hundreds of other Year 11s! In this first year of teaching new spec GCSE, the resources and approaches to teaching on the website have been invaluable to me. It has meant that I am not floundering in the dark and that I can look to see what others are doing. Collaboration at its best! Something that is crucial to working in Alternative Provision.

    Claire Trevaskus, Head of KS3 Centre, Tower Hamlets PRU
  • I just wanted to thank PiXL for the support and ideas that membership has generated. We were in Special Measures when we joined and now we are ‘Good’ in every category. That’s a pretty good impact!

    David Moran, Headteacher, The Ashwood Academy