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PiXL Podcasts

At the heart of PiXL’s mission is a desire to support leaders. We want to equip leaders so that they can support their teams and, ultimately, provide everyone in schools with a better future and a brighter hope: staff as well as young people.
We do this in many ways, one of which is through our two podcasts: PiXL Pearls and PiXL Leadership Bookclub. Each podcast launches a new episode every fortnight, but this is interleaved so that we launch a new episode each week, alternating between our two podcasts.

PiXL Pearls


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PiXL Pearls originated as e-mails from PiXL’s founder-director, Sir John Rowling. His desire to equip and inspire leaders in schools led to a fortnightly e-mail in which he’d share his pearls of wisdom from over 50 years of experience in education. These e-mails were so popular, that he decided to launch a podcast.

The PiXL Pearls podcast episodes explore different elements of what it is to be a leader and how we can become better leaders. They are provided for everyone on all podcast platforms, with the aim of inspiring, encouraging, motivating and challenging so that school leaders can have an even greater impact.

We hope that they provide you with inspiration, food for thought and enable you to feel strengthened in your own leadership, wherever you are.

PiXL Leadership Bookclub

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Leaders in our schools want to do the very best for the young people in their care – we know this. We also know that time is often difficult to come by, yet reflection and exploration of how others lead is so crucial. This is why we hold main meetings: to bring our members together to share ideas from across our network. But we wanted to take another step to support leaders in schools. This is how the PiXL Leadership Bookclub came to be.

Each PiXL Leadership Bookclub explores a different text about leadership, outside the field of education. We can learn so much from learning about leaders from all experiences, industries and ways of life. PiXL Lead, Rachel Johnson, hosts the Bookclub and two school leaders join her for each episode to explore the book of choice.

We hope that this podcast provides you with easy access to nuggets of wisdom and a range of ideas for your own leadership, as well as inspiration to pick up certain books that you feel would be of most use and interest to you.