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PiXL Pearls Podcasts by Sir John Rowling

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Sir John Rowling is the Founder-Director of PiXL, an organisation of 3000 schools operating together to raise standards and equip leaders in our education system. The Leadership Pearls  draws on his 50 plus years' experience in education to explore different elements of what it is to be a leader and how we can become even better leaders. The Pearls are here to inspire and encourage, motivate and challenge so that we can have an even greater impact. They might also help you feel strengthened in your own leadership wherever you are.

The Pearl podcasts will be released every fortnight, they are for anyone, not just PiXL schools.  Our aim is help people understand who we are and what we stand for and the importance we place on helping people feel valued, loved, encouraged, equipped (VLEE from Goodhart’s work).

We hope that these Pearls podcasts will enable people to take 10 minutes out of busy schedules to reflect and be inspired. People may listen to them on the commute into work or on the way back from a tough day - either way, we hope that people leave them feeling energised and inspired.

The PiXL podcasts are available on a wide range of platforms including: 


Next episode (out on Sunday 17th May): What Leaders Need


Do you foster a sense of belonging and shared excitement for what your organisation does, and its future direction? What do the people who work for you understand about how you appreciate them? Do you have someone who can keep your feet on the ground? In this episode, Sir John Rowling muses over the fact that whilst no two leaders are the same in their styles, there are several qualities that we should incorporate in our leadership practice.

PiXL Pearls is a We Are In Beta production