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Membership Fees

 Being a member of the PiXL family includes access to a wide range of resources and experienced subject specialists to help support your school.

Interested schools are invited to attend a Main Meeting as a guest to gain better insight into how the organisation works and how becoming a member could benefit your school. Alternatively, a meeting at your school with a member of our team can be arranged.

To find out more and arrange this, e-mail

PiXL Offer 2017 - 18

PiXL membership fees - 1st September - 31st August


PiXL and PiXL 6



this includes a dual membership discount of £500

PiXL 6
PiXL Trip
this includes a TRIP Allowance of £1,200

*Schools with sixth forms who wish to be a PiXL 6 member must also be a PiXL member

PiXL Primary membership fees - 1st June - 31st May

PiXL Primary

Reduce rates apply for schools joining from 1st January

Edge membership Fees - 1st September - 31st August

Apprentice and Graduate
+ annual admin fee
+ annual admin fee
Apprentice, Graduate and Masters
+ annual admin fee

PiXL Edge membership is a one-off fee plus an annual administration fee which is £100+VAT. 

PiXL 6 is an additional membership for schools with a 6th Form.  A discount of £500 will be applied to the invoice if you are applying for both memberships. 

Schools with 6th Forms who wish to be a PiXL 6 member must also be a standard PiXL member. 

Membership fees cover the academic year from date of joining to 31st August (31st May for Primary). 

Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.