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Welcome to the 2020-21 PiXL Membership Year!

The PiXL Club

PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a partnership of over 1,400 secondary schools, 450 sixth forms, 900 primary schools and 50 providers of alternative education. Through our support for schools together we share best practice to raise standards and to give students a better future and brighter hope.

About Us

Founded by Sir John Rowling, PiXL emerged from school improvement programme, the London Challenge, in 2004. When government funding for the initiative ceased in 2007, the 50 member schools at that time decided voluntarily to continue with its model of collaboration around leadership and shared resources. PiXL has since grown to become the largest network of schools in England and Wales.

  • PiXL has been a source of inspiration at senior team level, a creative opportunity for middle leaders and a provider of practical resources for use across the school. Our results have increased significantly, but most importantly our students are achieving huge success - which is opening doors of opportunity for their futures.

    Headteacher, School in Tower Hamlets.
  • A big WoooHoo from us here. Having signed the school up with PiXL for the first time, we increased our results by 16% including English and Maths.

    Headteacher, School in Doncaster
  • First time at PiXL. Very glad we could be there to see and hear first-hand info from people committed to improving life chances of children. Great.

  • PiXL’s work is truly remarkable and has been a savior and sanctuary of common sense and really useful strategies at a time of madness!


    Headteacher, School in Southampton

Our programmes

Our focus is raising standards across Key Stage 2, GCSEs and A levels and to raise self-esteem, improve life chances and broaden progression routes for all our students.

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