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Welcome to PiXL Primary, supporting schools at Key Stage 1 and 2. We are driven by the belief that we work together as a partnership to improve the life chances of all young people. 

In these strange times, we continue to support schools through the pandemic, with additional materials to our Core Offer to support home learning as well as children that are still attending school.

Please scroll down to view a month-by-month breakdown of our offer. We are reviewing and refining this offer for the start of the new year on 1 September 2020. 
As a reminder, for any school who was a member for the 2019/20 membership year, this has been extended from June until the end of August free of charge, to help you navigate these difficult months.

Join us on one or more of our Twitter accounts (@pixlprimary and @nickpixlprimary) where we want to listen and understand what the last few months will mean for schools when you return, so we can continue to support you and your school.



“PiXL’s work is truly remarkable and has been a saviour and sanctuary 
of common sense and really useful strategies at a time of madness!”


Our current support package for schools (up to August 2020)

Below is an outline of our offer up to August 2020. As well as these new resources and support packages, schools continue to have full access to all resources, assessments, partnership data and reports on PrimaryWise.

Summary of offer (March - August 2020)

Key workers Learning Home Learning Subject Leaders Raising Standards Leader School Leaders

Home Learning Palettes

(March 2020)

Home Learning Package 2

(April 2020)

Home Learning Package 3

(May 2020)

SL Webinar 1

(May 2020)

SL Webinar 2

(May 2020)


RSL Webinars  

(July 2020)


Continued support through email communications and twitter (@NickPiXLPrimary and @PiXLPrimary)

Whole School Support

Assessment Palette (June 2020)

Return to School Wellbeing Package (June 2020)

PiXL Primary Autumn Term Transition Package (see below)

March 2020
  • Home Learning Package Palettes: The palette includes a selection of PiXL resources suitable for parents to use with children at home.  These include materials on E-Safety, Wellbeing and Kindness.
  • Key Workers Package:  The Key Workers Pick and Mix Package provides schools with a range of activities and resources suitable to use with children who are still attending school. 
  • National Question Level Analysis and Implications for Teaching Reports:  The partnership data and resulting IFT reports for March have been published as normal and can provide a useful insight into pupils’ gaps and thus informing planning during school closures and beyond as well as informing long term planning and staff CPD.
April 2020 
  • Home Learning Package 2:  Adapted and expanded from the Key Workers’ Pick and Mix Activities, this package provides a selection of activities for parents to enjoy with children at home, including Kindness and wellbeing activities, Super Science, Shared Reading and Talk Tasks.  All activities are underpinned by a focus on vocabulary and Oracy and the package will include guidance for parents about how these can be used as part of children’s daily home-learning diet, whatever form that takes. 

Click here to download the pack. 

May 2020
  • Key Workers Package 2: This builds on the last Key Workers Package with a range of activities from different subject areas which staff in schools can use to create daily plans for children in schools.
  • Home Learning Package 3:  This will build on the previous Home Leaning Package with further activities for parents/carers to use at home with their children.
  • Subject Leaders' Webinar 1:  The 30-minute webinar will focus on the generic key skills for Subject Leaders, including Character and Wellbeing leads. How do subject leads ensure they have a clear vision and goals framed by an understanding of the position of their subject.  How do they empower staff and how do they work across the school to develop teaching and learning of their subject?
  • Subject Leaders' Webinar 2: The second in our series of webinars for Subject leaders. These short webinars will focus on each of English, mathematics, science and Character & Wellbeing.
  • Times Like These - A Time Capsule Project:  As part of the Times Like These project, we are asking pupils   to keep a diary for seven days recording their personal experiences during the lock-down. We hope that the diaries will offer a real insight into pupils’ experiences and provide a creative and vibrant record of these times.  Pupils' diaries could also potentially provide powerful information for teachers as they plan for pupils’ return to school.  This project will lead into the second phase of our project: Times Like these - A Thinking Beyond project.  This will be published on 1 September and will follow up the Time Capsule Project through our Thinking Beyond competencies.

Click here to download the Pupils' Diary and click here to watch the Time Capsule Project Video. 

June 2020
  • Assessment Palette: The assessment palette will be made available to schools on the 1st June. The palette will consist of a package of short assessments quizzes for each year group to enable teachers to quickly and efficiently determine pupils’ gaps. This is offered as an alternative to our usual summer assessments which will still be available. Scroll down for a full package of support in terms of assessment for September 2020.
  • PiXL Summer Diagnostic Assessments:  Our Year 1 and 3-5 summer diagnostic assessments and 3-5 Diagnosis into Practice documents will be published 1 June should any schools wish to use these.

  • Return to School Wellbeing Package: Published 1 June. The package has been designed to support pupils' return to school and offers a package of resources for Years 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6.  It is organised around ten themes allowing schools to select what is relevant to their own context.  The first five themes are intended to provide a context for pupils to share their experiences whilst the second five themes aim to support pupils in moving back towards desired learning behaviours and settling back into the new school routines. 

  • PiXL Primary Digital Conference:  Tuesday 30 June. 

July 2020
  • RSL Webinars: This series of webinars will focus on different aspects of the role of the Raising Standards Leader and the Core Team.  The first of these will look in particular at how best to prepare for the new academic year including how to best implement the Autumn Transition Package.

PiXL Primary Autumn Transition Package - 1 September 2020 

Every year a transition year... 

We acknowledge that in the first few weeks when pupils return to school, class teachers and leaders will be focused on efficiently and accurately identifying gaps in learning across whole cohorts.  To this end, we will be producing the PiXL Primary Autumn Transition Package to support schools from the 1st September.

Transition Cohort Checklists (TCCs) – Years 2-6 A checklist of elements taken from two to three Characteristics (areas of the Curriculum) of that year group’s Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC) and the previous year’s PLC.
Autumn Transition Diagnostic Assessments Short diagnostic assessments (no more than 40 minutes) which will allow teachers to easily RAG rate against each of the elements of the Transition Cohort Checklists (TCCs).  
Question Level Analyses Spreadsheets These will be available with every set of Diagnostic Assessments allowing for efficient diagnosis of gaps.  Partnership data will allow schools to benchmark with other schools.  Uploading the QLA spreadsheets to PrimaryWise will automatically populate the TCCs making initial diagnosis against each element quick and efficient.

Existing PLC therapies will be linked to every element on the TCCs allowing teachers to have sets of ready prepared resources to tackle identified gaps.

Impact Assessments A second set of assessments on every Characteristic will allow teachers and leaders to determine whether pupils have made progress on each of the elements. 

For more information about PiXL Primary: 202939@PiXLPrimary