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PiXL Primary

Welcome to PiXL Primary, supporting schools at Key Stage 1 and 2. We are driven by the belief that we work together as a partnership to improve the life chances of all young people. 

Join us on one or more of our Twitter accounts (@pixlprimary and @nickpixlprimary) where we want to listen and understand what the next few months will mean for schools, so we can continue to support you and your school.

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2021-22 Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscription covers the academic year from the date of joining to the 31st August 2022.

pixl primary offer document



“PiXL’s work is truly remarkable and has been a saviour and sanctuary 
of common sense and really useful strategies at a time of madness!”



PiXL Primary membership supports Infant Schools, Primary Schools and Junior Schools. Annual membership includes:

  • 5 National Conferences (currently digital) throughout the year, each with focused CPD sessions on particular topics.  Access to additional digital events, live or on-demand, throughout the year.
  • 4 personalised meetings with a dedicated associate who will support the school to successfully implement PiXL strategies. 
  • Access to our online platform PrimaryWise.
  • Access to a network of support that includes Leadership and Subject Specialists.
  • Access to the PiXL Times Tables App and PiXL Vocab App which help to identify and remedy gaps in pupil knowledge.
  • A full Assessment Strategy.
  • Motivational presentations, videos and resources to inspire pupils and staff. 
  • Resources, ideas and strategies to support members in the current climate.
  • We are currently in partnership with Hachette Publishers who are supporting our 2 year Reading strategy. 
  • PiXL Character, Culture and Wellbeing resources including ‘Mind to be kind’ to empower pupils and accredit their attributes and life skills.
  • Access to PiXL Save for discounts on a range of school products and services.
For more information about PiXL Primary: