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How we can help - the issues we work on

Our long-term goal is to see young people graduating from school with appropriate qualifications to enable their success. This is best achieved by working through a sequence of changes that involve the international link school adapting PiXL strategies appropriate to their local context. This is driven by our values and our relationship with the school director, who is the key agent of change in any school.

The sequence involves:

  • Building strong relationships with key people in the link school.
  • Growing an understanding of the local culture, education system and key education improvement issues.
  • Identifying and training a Raising Standards Leader and an Assistant Raising Standards Leader.
  • Establishing a foundation of knowledge of key skills that raise the quality of teaching, together with core beliefs and school systems that value and support the classroom teacher.
  • Putting acculturated PiXL principles into place.
  • Monitoring and evaluating student assessment data.
  • Forming a network of local schools committed to sharing best practice – we call this a hub.
  • Ongoing development and support.