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Our partners

Aprender is an education charity working in inner city neighbourhoods in Brazil and refugee schools in Lebanon. We are passionate about empowering and transforming communities, bringing hope particularly to those who are disadvantaged. To see communities nurtured is at the heart of our model of school improvement, which we call Apto.

Aprender starts by investing in school leadership, the very people who have the relationships with, and passion for, their communities. Aprender has a great team that has worked over the past six years to test and prove what works in school improvement and values both international and local best practice in education. Our Apto model helps head teachers transform their schools, in academic results but also, and as importantly, in key character strengths.

Aprender have had the privilege of working in partnership with PiXL international since 2013 and really value their professional approach and willingness to share and care.



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