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  • I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be part of PiXL. I go home from every conference absolutely buzzing and distracted from all the day-to-day grind that detracts from why we all do this job.

  • Came to the PiXL conference three years ago as a deputy and was disappointed at not being provided the opportunity to pursue further. Came yesterday as a headteacher - we've signed up and I’m excited at the opportunities this presents for my staff and pupils.

  • As a relatively new member to the PiXL family, I once again leave an inspiring conference full of ideas to immediately implement in my school. I am proud to say I am a member of the PiXL family and am in no doubt that it’s the way to go in order to achieve further improvements within our school. Thank you for such a worthwhile conference that gives real life ideas from people working within schools and not ideals that would not work in many schools.

  • Outstanding training today from a very well prepared and comprehensively resourced team. Best and most astutely pitched training I have been on for a long time both as a teacher and a senior leader. Thank you very much.

  • An excellent afternoon at the PiXL Primary Celebration, enjoying a quiet trip back to school with some tired and happy children.