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PiXL1 supports KS1 in infant schools.  

PiXL1 membership includes:

  • 3 national leadership conferences a year.
  • Resources for reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS), mathematics and science.

  • Assessment calendar including test materials, Question Level Analysis (QLA) and Implications for Teaching Reports.

  • The PiXL Primary Edge provides a unique opportunity to recognise the importance of character development for all pupils, including wellbeing materials and A Mind to be Kind.

  • Access to our outstanding Operations Team. Regular communications and updates on the latest developments and thinking. 

  • A range of end of KS1 test materials, with solutions and diagnostic systems, such as Question Level Analysis (QLA) and additional innovative resources to support teachers. 

  • 3 associate visits a year.
  • Personalised Learning Checklists and accompanying resources.

  • PrimaryWise, an online data tracker. A tool to support the school leadership in making those all-important decisions about the use of resources to gain maximum impact on the learning of pupils.

  • Access to PiXL Save, where PiXL schools can access a vast array of benefits and discounts offered by our commercial partners.

  • A network of support, including access to leadership and subject specialists.



“PiXL’s work is truly remarkable and has been a saviour and sanctuary 
of common sense and really useful strategies at a time of madness!”


The opportunities listed below represent our growing supporting offer that we can provide to enhance all you are already doing for the pupils in your schools. The supporting offer is representative of what our partner schools have requested, and we continue to listen to ensure we can support the need. The range of additional resources includes:

  • Times Table package.
  • Spelling Tracker.
  • Vocabulary App. 
  • Engagement Leadership programme for supporting school-based leadership training, based on PiXL principles.
  • Speed Reading support.
  • Toolkit for subject leaders.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Resources.
  • The Primary Code.

Age Group


Membership cost registration fees 
(over 125 pupils)

Membership cost registration fees 
(under 125 pupils)

PiXL 1 
(Infant Schools only)

Infant Offer



Outside the Core Offer

Specialist Associate Support (SAS)
Sessions are available, if partnership schools feel they require additional training in PiXL strategies.

PiXL School of Leadership 
This includes National programmes for Headteachers, Senior and Middle leaders, to support aspiring and current practitioners to be outstanding at what they do. These programmes are in collaboration with our secondary colleagues and include speakers of national and international acclaim.


For more information, please contact: