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Stories of change

PiXL has links with 38 schools in Tanzania.  Comparing the 2016 results with 2015 performance, below are some of the highlights of our link schools. One of them, Tunamkumbuka School, is the second most improved school in the country. Headteacher Mr Nicolous says, “We have received these results with joy. They have given us courage. I thank you, not only for your advice but for the time you have spent with us.  Moral support is very important.”

Schools are ranked nationally out of 3,280 schools on their aggregate Grade score. Another main performance indicator is the Pass Rate percentage.

Changes in national rankings out of 3280 secondary schools:

Tunamkumbuka School   Up 2369 places
Ulungu School   Up 2204 places
Kibirizi School   Up 2156 places
Mwazye School     Up 1226 places
Mtipe School Up 1039 places
Ikondo School  Up 892 places
Mpui School    Up 730 places
Chanji School     Up 563 places
Miangalua School  Up 399 places
Rubale School    Up 357 places
Kanda School  Up 256 places
Mbizi School    Up 221 places
Masekelo School   Up 219 places
Katuma School    Up 199 places
Kilimani Mawei School   Up 199 places

Changes in schools’ pass rate:

Kibirizi School      46% to 96% up 50
Ulungu School   37% to 83% up 46
Tunamkumbuka School  46% to 90% up 44
Kalembe School 19% to 56% up 37
Mtipe School   56% to 93% up 37
Lukangao School  39% to 66% up 27
Ikondo School  63% to 89% up 26
Chanji School 52% to 75% up 23
Neno School   66% to 86% up 20
Miangalua School  65% to 82% up 17
Mpui School 33% to 48% up 15