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What we do

Our aim is to raise standards of attainment to the highest levels for all of our students in their public examinations at the end of secondary school. We do this out of a strong sense of moral purpose in seeking to open doors of opportunity into the next phases of education, training and employment.

Our work follows the below steps:

  • We identify Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) for our students and whole school to achieve. We start with the end in mind and the end is a celebration of success at the highest levels.
  • We plan in detail what we need to do to achieve these Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).
  • We use our PiXL meetings to share ideas on the best plans to get the best results.
  • We know that leadership at all levels is crucial to the delivery of our plans and so each school appoints a Raising Standards Leader to ensure that there is a single-minded focus on achieving the best outcomes.
  • We work in each school with our PiXL associate who helps us to keep on track with our plans for success.
  • In school, we hold each other accountable and responsible for the success of the students in each subject area.
  • We use data in a highly effective way with a laser sharp focus on tracking our students’ performance.
  • We track student performance frequently and provide highly focused educational therapy and effective interventions to ensure that they achieve their goals.
  • We train our staff to the highest level to achieve success for our students.
  • We train and coach our students so they know exactly what they have to do to achieve their individual goals.
  • We create, share and make good use of online resources to support student learning.
  • Finally, we celebrate the success we had envisaged at the outset and which we achieve in reality each year.